Temple of Doom

From the Moathouse

Burning through the Loot List

All -

now that we’ve (Finally!) finished the boathouse, and given the large loot list, it’s (past) time to divvy up the loot. Keep in mind that you have an artificer on board, and there might be some fancy accounting we can do with items, gold, and XP, to get you exactly what you wish. (more on that in another mail.)

We have 3 PP, 167 gp, 34 sp, and 33 cp. That’s a total of 200.73 gp in coin.

We also have the following potions:
3x Cure Moderate Wounds
6x Cure Light Wounds

The following are class-specific/auto-claimed:
Scroll: Bless, Cure Light Wounds (Jan’s Character)
Pearl of Power – 1st Level (Jan’s Character)
Scroll: Animal Messenger, Stone Shape (Dyson)

These two items are adventure macguffins (according to Kevin), and are thus Party Treasure:
Torch of Revealing
3x Incense of Dreaming

And the following magic items:
Studded Leather +1
Curved Short Sword +1
Necklace of Prayer Beads, Blessx2
Beads of Force x2
Wand of Change Self, 31 charges
Brooch of Shielding
Cloak of Resistance +1

Plus a bunch of miscellaneous non-magical stuff. If we sell the non-magical stuff, we’ll earn 4160.70 gp. Add in the coins and the (now-repaired) mechanical owl, and the total comes to 9361.43 gp. This means each share is 1872.28 gp.

If you wish to claim a non-magical item, buy it at it’s sell price from the list. This will leave the share worth unchanged.

If you wish to claim a magic item, speak up. If no-one wishes an item, we can sell or scavenge it (more on that later). Dyson has only put in a tentative claim for the Cloak.

A more detailed version of this was sent to via email.


edwinwiles GuardianLurker

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